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A good url shortener (List of best url shortener) lets you do two things: 1. Share links that don’t use too many characters. I mean it will be very small 2. Performance measurement.

With the URL Shorteners, the URL of any long and inconvenient website can be reduced to a few characters at the click of a button.

Anyone can use URL shorteners, including Internet browsers: Social Media Manager, regular daily Facebook mom, small business owner, Tiktok at all heights – and you!

Here’s what you need to know about how to use url shortener and why they should be an integral part of your social media tool kit.

What is URL Shortener & how to use url shortener?

An url shorteners is a tool that creates short, unique URLs that help you shorten the URLs of specific websites of your choice. As if you can easily share it with someone. Your new, shorter URL will usually contain a combination of shorteners site addresses and random characters. Which uses some unique code.

For example, if I punch a URL like, it will create It splits the link into 48 characters, but still gives you access to that cute dog that does bad things in the game of football.
Here is best url shortener:

url shortener #1: has been integrated into the Hootsuite platform and included in each plan type (including the free version). Allows you to shortener some URLs for free

The advantages here are that you can see your short link metrics along with your other social analytics, so you can see the performance of your brand as a whole.

url shortener #2:

Twitter has a built-in free url shortener that automatically lowers any long URL to 2 characters, leaving you plenty of space to publish your site. You will try and any link you upload on Twitter will make you a url shortenesr. We also use this free url shortener

url shortener #3: Bitly

You can make your url shorteners using Here you have to open your own account by using it. If you want to take their premium plane then you can take it for your website.

And if you want to drive for free use then there is a free plane for you. Where you can get monthly Custom Back-half: 50, Link Creation: 1000, Link Clicks: unlimited, etc. You can find out the details by visiting their website. 

url shortener #4: tinyurl

The site itself isn’t going to win any design awards, but who cares? Here’s what you need to do: Create a short new URL. Customization is possible without logging in, it is an effective option when you are in a hurry to share any of your website or video.

Here’s a great feature: You can add tinyurl to your browser toolbar, so you can create and use short links to the site you’re currently on.

url shortener #5: Rebrandly

With Rebrandly, you can create a branded short link of your own with a custom domain. You will see their premium planes as well as free planes there. Which is very comforting for many can be a great main URL, but when it comes to social sharing, the number of those characters is added. A short, branded URL for link sharing like ours. Barrier, still keep your business name there, without taking up valuable space.

Also, Rebrandley features both tracking, optimization and scaling tools in their variety of packages (options offered starting at $ 29 per month).

url shortener #6: Hyperlink

The hyperlink is a very popular url shorteners site. Get real-time notifications when links are clicked using hyperlinks, or change settings every hour, daily or weekly summary.

The hyperlink also provides details per click: find device, location and referral information, and a live tracking dashboard for each visitor.

url shortener #7: Tiny.CC

Quickly shorten, track and manage your URLs with Tiny.CC’s simple interface. This is a very effective site. Which easily shortens the URL

Custom URL slugs are available, and if you register an account, you can track the statistics of short links.

url shortener #8: Bit.Do

Bit.Do is another easy and sweet option that you need: the ability to customize, traffic statistics and even an automated QR code generator. It’s all on this site

Short branded domains are also available here, but the price on this list is a bit higher than the others at $ 85 per month, so if you want to go for branded short URLs, you better choose another service.

url shortener #9: ClickMeter

ClickMeter’s excellent visual dashboard makes the most of your links. Gives your site a beautiful link easily

At a glance, you can monitor broken links and delays, find the best conversion rate of visitors, track views and clicks and much more.

url shortener #10: Shorte.ST

Information is valuable for your insights, isn’t it? Well, third-party companies are often interested in that information, which is why a cottage industry has created a business that pays you to shorten your links with them. Which no other site will give. Which will be very beneficial for you is one of the most paid URL shorteners on the web, and pay rates vary based on the geography of your visitors. (For example, pays 14.04 CPM for US traffic.)

url shortener #11:

You do not need an account to customize the URL in, but it is better to open an account. Because it will give you access to real-time analysis, including click-throughs and social media referrals. Which many want. That he would not give any of his information to anyone. Hope this site will be very useful for them. has a free custom URL shortener button that you can add to your browser toolbar, so it only takes one click to shorten your link. It’s much easier

url shortener #12: clkim

Clockim’s system redirects are, well, smart. Based on the relevant triggers, the URL may redirect users based on the mobile operating system or geography, so they are accessing your site in a way that works best for them. And they stay at your website for a long time.

There is also the option to check the destination A / B to see which landing page is best converted. Also, Clockim offers full scaling based on a custom list of people who clicked on your shortlist.

There is also a google url shortener. Which Google operates itself. 

Url Shorteners. You can use this extension short on your url. I have suggested this google url shortener.

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