bottom to top scroll and sticky navigation bar

bottom to top scroll and sticky navigation bar

Coding BD given bottom to top scroll and sticky navigation bar. You can create a sticky navbar after scroll. We create a sticky navigation bar on scroll using javascript. It is the most important part Of fixed menu on scroll vanilla javascript. We have given more importance to create a sticky menu with css and javascript. They used pure jquery effects. because they need highly effective effects. Thank you so much.

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Here is all Source code ( scroll and sticky navigation bar ). You can follow this steps:

  1. Create 1 folder
  2. create 1 HTML file: index.html
  3. create 1 CSS file: style.css
  4. copy HTML code and pest HTML file, copy CSS code and past CSS file
  5. Now give a smile and jump out loud. 😍😍
 <script src=""></script>
        (function ($) {
            "use strict";
            var $navbar = $("#navbar"),
                y_post = $navbar.offset().top,
                height = $navbar.height();

            $(document).scroll(function () {
                var scrollTop = $(this).scrollTop();
                if (scrollTop > y_post + height) {
                        top: 0
                } else if (scrollTop <= y_post) {
                        top: '-48px'
                    }, 0)
        })(jQuery, undefined)

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