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How much sleep should young people get?


How much sleep should young people get: It is not true that you need 8 hours of sleep a night. Generally, we believe that a person needs eight hours of regular sleep. In that case you work better and more and succeed, but when we look at the routines of the lives of successful and famous people, it seems that they work against this principle. Yes! Getting enough sleep is important. Allah Almighty has made it a source of peace.

When a person loses his fatigue and sleeps for a few hours, he becomes refreshed and ready and alert to work in new ways. When a person becomes accustomed to sleeping too much, laziness and sloth grips him. Then he can’t do as much as he wants in his life. Nove Panasik Hashim Nadeem said sleep is the biggest thief that eats half of a person’s life. Now we introduce you to successful and famous people, what is their routine about sleep?

1. Winston Churchill – Winston Churchill is a former British Prime Minister. Sleep and sleep are very important and necessary for Winston Churchill. That is why he kept a bed for himself in the parliament building. He even believes in a dream that it has led him to victory in the British war.


2. Nikola Tesla – He is an inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer and physicist. He slept only two hours a night, which caused him to become mentally ill at the age of 25. He wanted to work until the 38th year of his youth.


3. Thomas Edison – American inventor, businessman and founder of General Electric. To him, sleep is a waste of time. He always tried to sleep as little as possible. He slept half an hour every three and a half hours and then went to work.


4: Leonardo da Vinci – Leonardo is said to be the father of geology and architecture. His routine is even more wonderful than Thomas’s. He rested twenty minutes every four hours. Thus, his total sleep was two hours.


5: Wolfgang Mozart – Mozart only takes five hours of rest at night. I would wake up at six in the morning and work composing, until one at night. For him, five hours is enough for peace of mind and body.


6: Richard Prince – Richard Branzer is a businessman, investor, social figure and founder of Virgin Group. He slept only hours and hours at night. It was customary to wake up at five-thirty. He exercised in the morning and spent time with his wife and children. According to him, his whole day went smoothly and well.


7: Sigmund Freud – Freud is an Austrian neurologist and founder of “Psychoanalysis”. His normal sleep was six hours a night. He considered it necessary for peace of mind due to experimentation etc.


8: Barack Obama – Obama is a politician and the 44th former President of the United States. It prefers six hours of sleep instead of eight hours. For them, this kind of sleep is enough for a human being. She can’t sleep anymore, because the problems in the White House are so important that she can’t do it even if she wants to.


9: Voltaire – Voltaire is a French writer, philosopher and. He only slept regularly for four hours, but was called a ‘coffee’ fan. He drank more than forty cups of coffee every day.


10: Donald Trump – The US President Trump sleeps only three hours, so he can work the next day and deal with the situation better. According to him, the person who sleeps more can compete with how they sleep less.


11: Margaret Thatcher– Margaret is a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Her sleep routine is only four hours. His habit became such that his successor “John Major” was suffering from various problems, as he said goodbye to gold forever.


12: Benjamin Franklin – Franklin is considered one of the founders of the United States. He is called an ‘advocate’ for waking up in the morning. The famous proverb is: “Going to bed early, getting up early, makes a person healthy, rich and wise.” “Go to bed early at night, get up early in the morning. This habit makes a person healthy, rich and wise. ”


These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. People look at science in everything. And nowadays, as America and Europe developed, their important personalities were accepted, otherwise it was the habit of all our Muslim elites to rest for only two or four hours. The full details of this can be found in our book “Get Spirituality Like This”.

A misconception is that we should get 8 hours of complete rest, otherwise our health will deteriorate. Not at all. This is a misunderstanding. It should be taken out of the brain, because today all doctors agree that if you sleep well, then four hours is enough. The quality of sleep needs to be improved, no matter the amount. You may have seen many times that you slept eight or nine hours, but still wanted to sleep lazy, lazy, restless and more, feeling tired.

Many times it may be that he slept for a couple of hours, but when he woke up, he was very alert and cautious. It happens when you are fully employed. Good sleep

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